Our Story

Emmaus House was opened in 2008 by Andrew and Janet with the intention of creating a centre of prayer and hospitality for visitors from around the world and the local community. Today, we no longer have a resident Christian community, although we are still a base for the Emmaus Community of St Benedict https://ecsb.org.uk/ . Emmaus House continues to offer:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Public room hire
  • Spiritual direction¬†and counselling

Our doors are open to those of any background, sexuality, race or gender and we wish to make all feel welcome.

Why are we called Emmaus House?

In the Gospel, Emmaus is a place of new beginnings. The full story of Emmaus can be found at Luke 24:13-35. Taking inspiration from this, we try to be open to the new insights we need today for our journey together.

Caravaggio Emmaus
Caravaggio Emmaus

A Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SC042957)