Benedictine Spirituality at Emmaus House

For anyone interested in exploring the wisdom of St Benedict for today, all are welcome to join us on the second Saturday of every month, 10am – 12noon. After a break over the summer months we recommence on 12th October. We’ll begin after coffee on arrival with morning prayer, followed by lectio divina, then a discussion or talk on an aspect of Benedictine spirituality and time for us to share our own responses and thoughts. These mornings are also an opportunity to find out about the Emmaus Community of St Benedict . For any queries, do contact Andrew on 07929 047896.

Quiet Days

We regularly hold guided quiet days throughout spring and autumn. Led by Susan Mansfield, they are an opportunity to step outside the norms of daily life and engage with your spirituality. Susan uses topics such as “Time Out for Work”, “Who Am I, Who is God?”, and “My Peace I Leave with You” to bring out inner conversations to enable you to connect with your spiritual side.

Days usually contain a mixture of guided reflection and quiet time with space for thought, creativity, and rest.

For more information please email Susan Mansfield on or call +44(0)7803 620 038

Susan Mansfield is a Scottish poet, playwright, and journalist.

The Epiphany Group

The Epiphany Group was formed in June 2000, bringing together women and men who have trained in Ignatian Spirituality and practice in Scotland. Members of the Epiphany Group are lay and ordained, and belong to different Christian traditions.

They offer mutual support and ongoing training to our members. They also look outward to a wider ministry. In their wider ministry, they offer help and support to individuals, informal groups, churches, and parishes, who wish to explore the spiritual aspects of life and faith in their own setting. They make themselves available to accompany people who want to explore God’s relationship with them. In addition to Ignatian Guided Retreats, they offer spiritual direction, quiet days, training courses and supervision.

For more information go to